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Universal Brush Premium Collection

For three generations - nearly seven decades - Universal Brush has been an important part of America’s love affair with beautiful machines. We’ve made brushes so trusted and reliable that they’ve been passed from father to son right along with the classic cars they help care for. Universal Brush has set the standard for automotive care because we’ve consistently strived to produce brushes worthy of our customers - now we’re unveiling our newest legacy.

The Universal Brush Premium Blonde line is our finest series of brushes yet. How do we know? Because we’ve spent years searching the world over for the finest and most durable natural bristles. What we found was a luxurious blonde boar hair that possesses the ideal qualities for automotive care.

Rugged, yet silky smooth, these blonde bristles stand up to repeated use while retaining a feather-soft texture. Boar bristle absorbs soap and water, resists oils and greases, and maintains its shape over time. We believe this blonde boar bristle represents the finest stock - the best of the best!

Each of our Universal Brush Premium Blonde Brushes is solidly constructed using only hand-selected bristles. Every one of these beautiful blond heads represents nearly seventy years of quality and craftsmanship. These are the only brushes capable of loving your vehicles as much as you do!

Grit Guard
Price: $9.95
Grit Guard
Grit Guard for the bottom of 5 gallon bucket